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Elise Daniel
What a fund way to get yummy mushrooms!

It is simple and fun to watch the Lions Mane mushrooms grow. I am now trying many fun ways to cook and eat them!!

Karen Somerset
Perfect gift

Got the lions mane growing kit for my daughter’s birthday and she Loves it!!!

Shannon Goodall
Awesome and Easy

Love this kit! They were huge and plentiful! Easy to grow and so good for you! We have a plethora of shrooms!!!

Kimberly Schroeder
Tastes So Good Lions Mane

Received our Lions Mane mushroom box and cut an X in the plastic, set it in a warm room with soft window light and a humidifier. After about 2 weeks we harvested a very large Lions Mane and cut a portion of it into steaks and fried it in butter with garlic and tamari sauce. It was delicious! So happy with our purchase and looking forward to many other varietals of mushrooms that are offered.

Hunter Mayers

Super clear directions... We have officially started the growing journey and can't be more excited.

  • Nutrient rich

    Mushrooms are filled with important vitamins like B and D, as well as minerals like selenium. These nutrients are essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • Low-calorie

    Mushrooms are low in calories but high in flavor, making them an excellent choice for those who are trying to manage their weight while still enjoying tasty meals.

  • Immune boost

    Mushrooms contain antioxidants and substances called beta-glucans, which are known to enhance your immune system. This can help your body fend off illnesses more effectively.

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