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Grow Kit - Blue Oyster

Grow Kit - Blue Oyster

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Flavor Profile


Overall mild, savory taste. with a subtle woodsy note


Tender, yet chewy texture when cooked for the caps.

The stems are firmer and can be used in dishes to get a meatier texture.

It's important to cook them thoroughly to achieve the right texture, as undercooked mushrooms can be somewhat rubbery.


Expect a mild, earthy aroma with a hint of sweetness that can enhance the overall perception of their flavor, especially when fresh.

Favorite Recipes

Sautéed Blue Oyster Mushrooms:

Simply sauté them with garlic, butter, and fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary. This method highlights their flavor and can be a side dish or a topping for steak, chicken, or pasta.


Blue Oyster Mushroom Risotto:

Their meaty texture makes them perfect for a creamy risotto. Incorporate them just as you would with any other mushroom risotto recipe.


Blue Oyster Mushroom Soup:

Use these mushrooms in a rich, creamy soup, or in a brothy, Asian-style soup with ginger, soy sauce, and greens.


Mushroom Stroganoff:

Substitute traditional mushrooms with blue oysters in a stroganoff sauce and serve over egg noodles or rice.


Stir-fried Blue Oyster Mushrooms:

They can be a fantastic ingredient in stir-fries, adding them to vegetables and a protein of your choice with a savory sauce.


Blue Oyster Mushroom Tacos:

Use them as a filling for tacos, perhaps marinated and then grilled or sautéed, and served with traditional taco accompaniments.


Vegan Mushroom "Bacon":

Slice the mushrooms, season with smoky spices, and bake or fry until crispy. This can be a vegan alternative to bacon.


Mushroom Bruschetta:

Chop the mushrooms and sauté with garlic, onion, and cherry tomatoes. Spoon over toasted slices of baguette.

Ferg's LARGE Mushroom Grow Kit

Blue Oyster

Harvest gourmet mushrooms right from your kitchen—a treasure for healthy eaters and home chefs!

What's Inside the Box:

  • Extra-Large Mushroom Block: Our pre-inoculated block is designed to grow an abundance of mushrooms, much more than our competitors!
  • Misting Bottle: A simple spritz is all it takes to maintain the perfect humidity for your mushroom crop.
  • Detailed Guide: Your journey from spore to culinary delight is captured in our easy-to-follow instructions.

Simple Steps to Gourmet Goodness:

  1. Cut: Make an incision in the mushroom block to awaken the mycelium.
  2. Spritz: Use the included misting bottle to provide the moisture needed for growth.
  3. Pick: Harvest your mushrooms in as little as nine days and prepare to be amazed.
  4. Repeat: Continue to cultivate a cycle of growth for a steady supply of fresh mushrooms.

Why Choose Our Kit?

  • Healthful Living: For those dedicated to organic, wholesome produce, our kit offers an unblemished journey from box to plate.
  • Gourmet at Home: Enhance your home-cooked meals with the depth and richness of freshly picked, earthy mushrooms.
  • Value: Our Large kit promises a more generous harvest, so you have plenty of mushrooms to enjoy & share, each harvest lasting up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. 

Experience the Joy of Growing:

With our mushroom grow kit, you're not just harvesting mushrooms—you're bringing a slice of nature's magic into your home. Indulge in the simplicity and satisfaction of growing your own food, knowing that the next gourmet dish is just a spritz away.

Your table awaits its hero ingredient—let the journey begin!

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